Now you can sauce pucks at the beach, the cottage, tailgating, or anywhere you want!

The Story

It was a typical Canadian summer back in 2010, hanging out at the cottage with our hockey buddies when it hit us - why is there no game for hockey players to kill time off the ice? We grabbed a couple plastic mini nets and a couple flattened beer cases and began saucing pucks back and forth to each other - a game was born, and we began to work hard to bring a polished version to the marketplace.

We call the game GONGSHOW SAUCER KING®, and for the first time ever we have collaborated with the inventors of the world's best patented mini nets : The PuckCatcher – to bring this awesome game to life. Newly available as well is our PATENT PENDING Inflatable SAUCER KING® nets for those who you want to throw some epic aqua sauce in the water.

Practice your skills by yourself, be the hero of the party showing up with this game, bust it out for tailgating, or bring it up to the cottage for some beach sauce!


Included in the Saucer King® Game Set:

The Net

Each set comes with 2 x PATENTED Saucer King® Nets, made in Canada for maximum quality. Holds up to 40 pucks each, spring loaded, and collapsible for easy transport. *NEW* Newly available also is our lightweight PATENT PENDING Inflatable Saucer King® net (BONUS in our party pack set) for those who want to throw some epic aqua sauce!


Uses heavy gauge mesh just like a real hockey net


Each net has a strong and adjustable carrying strap for easy carrying comfort


Each net comes with STRONG "EXCLUSIVE" BLACK metal steel posts, only found on the Saucer King® set, to sustain the hardest sauce.


Patented unique retractable, spring loaded, flip-down ramp for quick load and close

Authentic Official Pucks

4 x Saucer King® Branded official game pucks

Saucer King Launch Pads

2 x Premium Saucer King® launch pads made to be lighter and faster to launch lunar sauce from – comes with convenient handle for carrying.

Official Saucer King Booklet

Full instructions on how to play the game and use the set


Saucer King® can be played alone, You may find it difficult proclaiming yourself as KING if haven't dethroned anyone.

Official distance should be 20 feet between each net - to increase difficulty, place nets further apart. To sauce accurately at a distance, your saucing skills must be at a "Sauce Boss" level.

One must not simply flick or shoot the puck in the net, the art of sauce must be applied as to not upset the hockey Gods in this game. The puck must be sauced from your platform into the opposing team's net. Any bouncing puck that doesn't touch the platform is NO GOAL. For 1 on 1 play, each player shoots 2 pucks. For 2 on 2 team play, each team member shoots 1 puck each. 1 team member from each team are at one net, with their teammates at the other.

The scoring system uses the word G-O-N-G-S-H-O-W to track the winning player/team. Each goal you score gets you a letter. If you are tied after GONGSHOW continue on to SAUCER then KING if needed, and repeat if still tied. Remember when you win - nasty CELLY is always mandatory.

Settle down hero! Want harder? Switch to Back Hand Saucer King! Optional: Add a blocking object between nets to force higher sauce.


Our set includes everything you need to play the game at one affordable set price. You won't find this exclusive offers anywhere else!

  • Full Saucer King® Party Set (NEW)


    CAD $189.99
    • 2 x Official Saucer King® Black Steel Post PATENTED Hockey Nets
    • 2 x Official Saucer King® Launch Pads
    • 4 x Official Saucer King® Pucks
    • 1 x Official Saucer King® Rules of Play Handbook
    • 1 x Inflatable PATENT PENDING Saucer King® Net (BONUS)
    • 4 x Saucer King® Floating Pucks (BONUS)

Download the official Saucer King® app


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