In the summer of 2010, the fellas at GONGSHOW, a world leader in Lifestyle Hockey Apparel were shooting a video on a beach in Ottawa, Canada. Some of the props they had bought were plastic children’s mini nets , pucks, sticks and other fun stuff to make for a cool video. In between shots, the guys killed time by grabbing two old cardboard cases of beer and flattening them – placing one case (to shoot pucks from) in front of the plastic net, and separating the nets by 20 feet or so with the other net and beer case. They started to sauce pucks back and forth, and keep track of points when they went into the net.



Over a few beers, the game was invented, rules were written down and the GONGSHOW team shared them with the world in 2012 in an original blog post.  We called it GONGSHOW Saucer King. The game was new to the market and offered an opportunity hockey players and fans to play a new game on the beach, at the cottage, tailgating or just by yourself to practice trick shots. We followed it up with an award winning app that had over 500,000 downloads since its release – carving its place in hockey’s pop culture history.






With GONGSHOW’s large fan base, the requests started to roll in – the market wanted a PHYSICAL version of the Saucer King Game to play and take with them so they could sauce pucks anywhere, anytime just like the app! Fans all over started creating videos influenced by the game and posting them on youtube, playing the game in all types of landscape scenarios. Check out some of the fan videos from early adopters back in the day.



After carefully reviewing the pieces that would be needed to bring this Canadian classic game to life, we decided on a collaboration with another great Canadian invention, called the “Puck Catcher”


Brothers Terry and Dale first invented this patented beauty of a net back in 2002, and used it for coaches to collect pucks after practice – only a Canadian could think of something like this! The net is built in Canada in Ontario with only the highest quality materials, and built to take a pounding – the best part of it is that it’s weight, with the unique patented design keeps 95% of your shots from tipping the net over – a common problem with cheaper basic mini nets.




We are very proud of to have our Assembled in Canada net collaboration with The Puck Catcher inventors and we only use these beauties in the Official Saucer King Game set – you won’t be disappointed in the quality!


The game is now for sale worldwide and our goal is to spread the hockey lifestyle through our apparel and this game. Enjoy all you Saucer Kings out there!